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About The Founder

You might be a bit surprised to find me here - let me explain.  If you have read any of my blogs you know that I hold mom's in a very special place.  Seeing my wife do all she does for my boys only confirms my sentiment.  My name is Kevin Allen and here's my story:

I have been FAT. The reason is not important. (Not desirable)

I have been depressed. For many reasons around life. (Not desirable)

I have been underweight. The reason was very important. (Not desirable)

I have been PHAT. This is my usual place. (Very Desirable)

It is not a matter If but When life will deliver a blow that seems to knock down as you have never been. It can be directly or indirectly, I have been fortunate enough to have both.

As a former police officer, I survived a hostage situation and lived to tell about it. Soon after I would have to hang up my badge and pursue another career. However, I fell into a deep depression during my transition and began consuming double cheeseburgers, malts, onion rings consistently.

It wasn’t until a friend came by to check on me that turned my world around. I have been an athlete since I was 12 years after I lost my best friend, my hero - my dad. I have been well conditioned physically all of my life - until then.

When I heard the words, “What are you doing? You are FAT as h*ll”. My initial reaction denial - until I looked in the mirror. The next day I walked to BART about a mile away and took the train to Gold’s gym.

I always liked being balanced in my workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle. At this time, almost everyone worked out for 1-3 hours! Boring!!! I was able to complete my workouts in 30-50 minutes and got great results. So much, so that personal trainers were asking me to train them!

Finally, I got certified and began training clients most of which were other personal trainers. I started competing in bodybuilding and with this newly gained self-confidence, returned to school to get my degree in Math and Computer Information Systems.

During this time I founded Namaste Personal Training which later became Namaste Fit Club in 1998. In 2015, I was misdiagnosed with stage 4 cancer that metastasized to my bones which nearly paralyzed me. I finally sought treatment at UCSF and discovered I had been grossly misdiagnosed. After 3.5 years of fighting, countless surgeries, infections, side effects, and losing over 90 pounds….I AM BACK!