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Top Reasons Why Belly Fat Stays Around

July 29, 2020 4 min read

Nothing Works. I've Tried Everything

I cannot tell you how much this mindset makes me go crazy. If you feel something is hopeless - your give up. It's that simple. To put a play on words, "Nothing Works" in itself is true. Because if you do NOTHING, you will get results no matter what it is. "I've Tried Everything" when are so many successful at whatever it is you seek? It is because they never give up and keep looking until they find something that does work. Most champions have lost in many ways before becoming a champion.

Reggie Jackson is a Hall of Fame baseball player nicknamed Mr. October for being such a clutch hitter in the postseason in major league baseball. He led two different teams to championships. He also holds the record for the MOST strikeouts! Yes, Jackson was not afraid to put in all on the line to get the big pay off. 

Dieting Is Too Expensive

This can be true if you are always looking for a "done for you" food delivery service. The truth is until you value your life, well-being, and quality of life like you do other areas in your life - life meal planning and "dieting" is always going to be an uphill battle. 


However, what if I told you that no matter what you eat you are DIETING! Yes, I know what you are doing to say, "You know what I mean when I say diet". I also look at how much is too expensive. For too expensive is losing a limb, ending up on dialysis, or having a stroke because of my food choices.  THAT to me is too expensive.

Indulge me for a moment. List your 5 favorite foods that you love. I will share mine with you:

1. Buttermilk Pancakes

2. Roasted Veggie Omelet with Bacon

3. Ribeye Steak with baked potato and spinach

4. Skirt Steak marinated in lime, spices, and grilled rare.

5. Strawberry Shortcake

What I have learned over the years is not lean too far to the left or right. I stay in the middle and can appreciate each of my favorite foods but not all of the time. When I shop for I stay on the perimeter of the store where most of the fresh food is. Another reason you might say "Dieting is too expensive" is your portions needs to be reduced. 

I Have Big Bones

I get this one a lot. I am not talking about someone who is 4'10" versus someone 6'6". Our skeletal bones do not dictate how much mass it carries - that is on us. It goes to show you how amazing our bodies that they will support people several hundred pounds overweight. At that point, it is usually our organs that give out on us.  

Let us focus on the amazing body we have been granted and work with it not against it. You should never be a prisoner inside your own body but you also should not hold your body prisoner because of your choices. Many times these choices are even your fault. If no one has ever taught you the basic principles of how to metabolize fat and retain muscle I get it. But at some point, you must realize the choices you are making are not in favor of your lifestyle, body type, and desire.

I Don't Have Time To Workout

You have plenty of time and have ha plenty of time to workout. Working Out in my definition is making your everyday routine for movement uncomfortable, risk-taking, and vulnerable for new beginnings. My clients train for 20-30 minutes per session never repeating the same workout twice. Our bodies are that complex that they can adapt within seconds to minutes from fatigue to muscle exhilaration. Having the time and making time are one in the same - the only difference is your mindset. You are worth every minute you invest in your well-being. Time is more than money. It's the most incredible asset or liability you have where the great equalizer doesn't care about how much money you have.  



It all comes downs to making better choices as often as you can. The more often you make better choices you will see the results, and the easier it gets. Women over 50 face certain things that men don't. Menopause is surely one of them, but that's not it. The ability to build lean muscle is more challenging as well due to their metabolic rate slowing down drastically. It doesn't mean you give in to it - it means you work smarter. 

 Find foods you love AND that is good for you. There are no shortages of cookbooks that provide some mouth water meals that are relatively easy and inexpensive to make. All great things take work and food choice is no exception.  

It has been my experience that once you see results there is no way you can slow them down. You will become so passionate about your new fit lifestyle that you will want to share it with the world. 

Every single day we have an opportunity to take a step to create the best version of ourselves. The sad part is the media has painted a picture of what a woman or man "should" like. How you feel inside your body can be a real game-changer. "Skinny" or "Muscle Bound" is by no means a measure of one's fitness level or lifestyle. It should never be used as the sole criterion for measuring one's fitness level.

It's the total package. Moderate portions, mostly green leafy stuff, a great source of protein, and of course a bit of starch (let's keep it real), daily movements including some strength conditioning to keep those aging bones strong, and a big smile knowing you will be ready for whatever gets thrown your way.

Never Give Up. Ever. You are worth too much and people are depending on you!