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July 31, 2020 3 min read

What Does Jennifer's Routine Consist Of?

After doing tons of research on celebrity trainer's and in my countless social media groups, there is one thing that they all have in common.  Consistency.  No one can do the exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle for someone else.  You have to show up prepared and do the work.  There are no magic exercises and hidden food secrets.  What it comes down to is Functional Training.  Assessing your weaknessess and strengths combined with short term goals anyone can achieve their fantasy body.op

Functional Training is based on overloading your body for everyday tasks and incorporating the athletic portion to create and establish your core foundation.  So to answer the question, What does JLo's workout consist of is irrelavant.  Stay in your lane.  What you can pick up is the consistency, dedication, and she pays to play.  No one wants to waste their time or money and she is no different.

What Type of Workout Is Best?

The best kind of workout is the one that makes you uncomfortable yet exciting, challenging but doable, and fresh every time.  Yes, you have to keep it fresh for many reasons:

  • Our bodies adapt so quickly, that means routines become exactly that.  Routine with limited or no results.
  • Mindset.  Doing the same thing over and over, boring!  Get results every workout.
  • Life.  You must enjoy life and fold exercise into it.  It'll keep you coming back.

Until you can master your own body weight under the duress of exercising, hold off on the power squats, burpees, and marathons.  Everyone that hires a great personal trainer - has never regret it.  Health is truly your WEALTH.  Once you have been assessed and feel confident about programming and switching up your workout regiment (remember no routines), you will look forward to sculpting your body.

I Read That...

Take action and put down your iPad with all the research.  Being informed is one thing and spending all of your time comparing articles and looking for that secret sauce is another.  In my first semester of Calculus and Physics I went to the school bookstore and bought my text books.  When I opened the books, it was so overwhelming.  I connected with the tutoring department and also the top student in each class.  We studied EACH page for a thorough understanding of each topic.  

Instead of look too far ahead, I stayed in the present and mastered what was in front of me.  When mid-semester came, I was on the honor roll.  The takeaway is that I got help from experts and put in the time, energy, and applied what I learned.  The same is true for working out.  Find out exactly where you are - not so much where you WANT to be.   

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

How long did it take for you to get in your current condition?  Not being harsh, I am asking you to cut yourself some slack!  You want the best and this can be overwhelming with Keto this, Paleo that, and Vegan rules....It takes time to create healthy habits and even longer to break unhealthy habits.  If it were easy - I would not have a job.  Behind every success story is support.  Having a strong support system is key to anyone succeeding in anything especially self-growth.  

One bite and step at a time is how you get closer to your goal everyday.  

Okay Smarty Pants, Where Do I Begin?

It begins with your Mindset.  Once you decide to put yourself first, the Universe will do its best to distract, derail, discourage, and sabotage your plans.  Be prepared to address where you are and embrace it.  It's temporary and that is a beautiful thing.  Picture in your mind that outfit, that vacation you have always wanted to take, or the feeling of being able to do whatever it is you want to do without hesitation.  This is where you start and you keep moving towards the new you.

I have had to start over many times in my life for one reason or another but I have never quit.  Not even dual cancer diagnosis could break my spirit because I know inside of me there exists a Lion of Courage.